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Hatchy is a Butterfly

When I sent my friend Hatchy a pair of the D’Fly Candy Corn boots – the 1L boots at XCentricity, she was thrilled and decided to become a butterfly. When I signed on the next day, she sent an IM saying “TP, TP!” I thought she was stuck in a rock, but really, she was just excited to show off her butterfly self.

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Faerie Flesh For Fantasy

posted by Gidge Uriza

Too often costumes aren’t treated as fashion, and that’s a shame because a lot of hard work can go into creating a good one. And you certainly shop for a costume with the same eye for style and beauty that you might use when looking for a formal gown. In short, even in costume, you don’t want to look bad.

Picking out a fairy costume when I was modeling for a retail logo was easy – I flitted over to Butterfly Island where Andromeda Raine keeps some of my favorite fantasy fairy wear. I don’t Role Play in SL but I’m partial to a fun fairy costume as my friends know. Continue reading