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Don’t Tell Gidge


Shh, don’t tell Gidge, but I am wearing pink! Not that I hate pink or anything, I just generally choose other colors because I know if Gidge likes the same dress, she would probably choose pink most of the time. However, this time she is out of luck. I have it first. I am wearing it. So there!


This gorgeous gown is from Lili’s Couture Collection and is a limited edition release at Fashion For Life. Only 100 copies will be sold, so if you have it, you can wear it to a formal event and be pretty sure you will not see it on another person. It’s made with several options that I left off, preferring a simple silhouette. You can add stockings, gloves, sheer sleeve caps and a full mermaid flounce at the bottom.
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Take a Time Out….

at TIME OUT! I was looking for a place to do a bathing beauty post and this sim was recommended to me and you really should take a look around. I went to a Relay for Life beach party last night and I knew I could get the look I wanted from Mon Cheri.  She had JUST the suit I was looking for.  Collabor88 has got me in the “rock-a-billy” mood. I think this look fits the bill… don’t you?

Take a Time Out....

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New at VoguE

I got a notice yesterday about some newness at VoguE. I hadn’t been there in a while so I figured I’d pop over and take a look….. and there before me was some of the cutest summery lingerie. I just HAD to show you!

Vogue 1
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