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March 15th, 2022 – Skin Fair 2022 – post #15

Ok, this is a bit different. I compiled the bloody things from Skin Fair and this is the result. Ready for Halloween! I used one of the 2 lovely exclusive skins from Persephone.


Skin Fair items :
– Persephone – Delilah – Porcelain
– Persephone – Layla – Porcelain
– SCHOEN – Mia’s Nosebleed Collection
– Momochuu – Doha scratches and face bands
– Iicing – Wicked head scar
– SCHOEN – Bloody Ears – Swallow Ears
– The Stringer Mausoleum – Shuttle Reaver eyes (first picture)

Other credits :
– Not Found – Katie Hairbase Black
– Swallow – Gauged ears
– Euphoric eyes

March 12th, 2022 – Skin Fair 2022 – post #6

Skins, skins more skins… but also make-up! And this year’s Skin Fair doesn’t disappoint. I’ll focus on a few of those make up brands in this post.

BB Store – Angel Jules make up set
Schoen – Various make-ups
Lips : Gorsimi – Anxiety Lipsticks / Eyes : keikumu – ink eyeshadows

Skin Fair items :
– Gloom – Bao skin – rose kiss
– Kokolores – Charlize hairbase
– The Little Bat – Britt eyes
– ::B.B:: Store – Angel Jules Set Makeup
– Schoen – various eye shadows
Gorsimi – Anxiety Lipsticks
– keikumu – ink eyeshadows

Other credits : see previous posts

San Antonio Rose


Deep within my heart
Lies a melody,
A song of old San Antone,
Where in dreams I live
With a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.

When I put on the  Auffaellige Rosen  dress from Schoën I immediately think of my great-aunt. She sang the background vocals to that song with Tex Ritter at the Grand Ol’ Opry and it was one of many songs I enjoyed listening to her sing. She was what is commonly called “a pistol”  – a woman who lived life to the fullest from the day she was born to the day she died and that was a long time. Born in the 19th century she lived to enjoy the 21st century’s arrival and promise. From horse and buggy to manned space flight in her life time. She buried three husbands during that lifetime – oddly enough while they all had different names, their names were homophones. So while she changed the spelling, she never changed the pronunciation. She was 92 when she married her 3rd husband, a youngster in his 80s.  Continue reading

A litte R&R after dying

So I went exploring, looking for a place to shoot and was wandering around this fair when suddenly I fell to my death and was teleported back home. Not one to argue with the SL gods, I decided I would just settle my poor bruised bones on the couch and shoot at home. Besides, I wanted to get this outfit shot for the Same Damn Thing Challenge celebrating Achariya’s contributions to the Second Life fashion/blogging community,

I shot this to show you my favorite feature about my house – the swimming pool. The house is placed in the water naturally, avoiding the use of prim water and sounds. It gives it so much more life and the walkway down to the water is a masterpiece of perspective.
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