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March 14th, 2022 – Skin Fair 2022 – post #14

So many skins… so little time! In this post I’ll show you various skins from different designers, all with the exact same head, shape, hair, eyes and clothes, first because I’m lazy and second, because I enjoy showing how different an avatar can look with just a diferent skin. I think it’s part of what makes SL so unique. Feel free to comment which one you like most, I know my personal favourites are Gia, Bao and Morgan.

Beaumore – Alison
Boataom – Gia
Boataom – Lucia
Gloom – Bao
Gloom – Hyeon
Gloom – Mackenzie
Koonz – Morgan
Lure – Maya

March 12th, 2022 – Skin Fair 2022 – post #8

In this post : Psycho Pills skins, Bloodline lipsticks and Shiny Stuffs eye make up. My favorite skin from Psycho Pills, among those new and exclusive Skin Fair items, is Asuna. I’ve been a fan of Shiny Stuffs’ make up for a while now, and their make up do not disappoint.
Bloodline is new to me, I mean, unless it’s related to that vampire game thingy that’s been around the grid for longer than me, and I had fun matching their glossy lipsticks with my eye shadows.


Skin Fair items :
– Psycho Pills – Asuna Skin // Cupcake
– Psycho Pills – Popuri Skin // Cupcake
– Psycho Pills – Gwen Skin // Cupcake
– Bloodline – Euphoria Lipsticks
– Shiny Stuffs – Wait for Twilight/Dusk/Midnight eye shadows

Other credits :
– Maitreya – Lara
– LeLutka – Briannon
– Tram – L0108 hair
– Song – Katri eyes

March 6th, 2022 – What’s for breakfast?

Cereals, a matcha boba tea, a few croissants… and looking good in my new items from the Blanc. event!

Credits :
– Body : Maitreya – Lara
– Head : LeLutka – Briannon
– Skin : ALT3 > Biju – 03 @Blanc.
– Eyebrows : ALT3 > Biju Brows @Blanc.
– Hair : .Olive. the Amethyst Hair @Blanc.
– Lashes : ALT3 > Biju Lash Kit @Blanc.
– Eyes : {S0NG} Katri Eyes @Blanc.
– Eye make-up : * ALBA – Moonlight – Add-On Under Dots @Blanc.
* ALBA – Trance Eyeliner @Blanc.
* ALBA – Trance – Add-On Extra Liner @Blanc.
– Lips : SOMEONE – eGirl Lip Glaze – @Blanc.
– Boba tea : PandaBee – Matcha Boba @Blanc.
– Cereals : Junk Food – Heart Puff Cereal @Blanc.
– Top : Blueberry – Cece
– Rings : Beaumore ‘Noir’ Rings for Lara @Blanc.
– Trousers : Blueberry – Tali
– Shoes : Bleich – The Star – Blue Denim

Cosmic Spider

Helena Stringer - IOF - Cosmic Spider - 1.

I’ve seen belts as a skirt, but never belts as a top. I’m not even sure what to call this, it sort of looks like a corset as well. I am wearing it as is, but I could see this with a shirt underneath, maybe something a pirate would wear, or some sort of warrior maiden. This is the new offering from Plastik, to be released at the mainstore. There are 5 galactic colourations, which have to be my favs of the series. There is also a large assortment of other colours and patterns, so it is worth a look, if you want a beltstraptopcorsetthingy.

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Lake Serpent

Helena Stringer - IOF - Lake Serpent - 1
Everyone knows about sea serpents, but long ago, somewhere in the history books, knowledge of lake serpents got lost. Maybe it was those few pages that got ripped out, to be used as kindling for the fire. Or, heaven forbid, someone got creative when in the loo.

There also seems to be an utter lack of information on the fact that, when needed, serpents can actually shift into humanoid form, to preform certain tasks.

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