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SL Botanical Garden & Romance Rose

When I saw the lovely Romance Rose dress from Prelude I knew I wanted to go to the SL Botanical Gardens where you can find anything and everything, it seems. Certainly such a romantic gown deserves a romantic setting. I love how Polaire achieves such a lovely sheer sash even on the system pieces. Real thought and planning went into making this dress.

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Merry Magpie

Continuing coverage of the Accessory Fair moves on to Magpie and the delightfully colorful Magpie. Magpie is a perfect name for a jewelry store – what with the well-earned reputation of the birds for their love of bright and shiny things collected to feather their nest. Any self-respecting magpie nest would be proud to have these lovely blue and purple gem flowers brightening its nest, that’s for certain.

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