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Memento Mori


Memento Mori is a specific art piece – in any style or genre – that has the specific purpose of reminding us of our mortality. It says “Remember you must die.” The gown I am wearing is called Ange (Angel) and its rose color and loving detail is more a celebration of life, I thought it might be interesting to shoot it in the white on white Memento Mori – a complex and stunning cathedral build all in white that is alive with light shining through the countless windows.


As a reminder of mortality, a cathedral is an obvious choice. It is where the rites of life’s passage happen from christening to burial, the parentheses of life. It also evokes the immortal promise of the sacred for those who share that belief. Generally, the immensity of a cathedral reminds us of our own insignificance as well as our mortality. The Memento Moril build at ChouChou V succeeds on all levels.
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ChouChou Returns


KWZ features the designs of Kariwanz Felisimo. AT KWZ you can find everything from the Victorian to the Post-Apocalyptic, from the Gothic to the CyberFuturistic. Yes, you can find everything except the banal. Her designs are fully imagined and well-executed with a total commitment to quality and detail. This Omega Dress, for example, has exquisitely detailed embellishments and embroidery and its texture has the sort of depth that makes you think you could feel it through the screen.


I wanted a special place to shoot it and what could be more special than the newly opened ChouChou? ChouChou is not the easiest place to shoot – not only because they disallow building AND scripts so even pose HUDs won’t work, but because there are always so many people there. Thankfully Emerald has the Derender option and I was able to derender the dozen or more people around me. Continue reading

Oh There Goes Gravity,Oh There Goes Gravity

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Meandering through the clothing fair has been a treat this week.  For instance, having wandered into KWZ on the TOKYO sim I feel in love with this outfit that falls under the category of DO NOT NEED/MUST HAVE. So I had to have it. Continue reading