Some Cooking Role Play For Your Enjoyment

The #1 way you know that this is some sort of fantasy role play thing is that I’m doing things in a kitchen with pots. I don’t cook. I heat. My oldest child tells me that I make the best spaghettios ever and by GOD I think I do too.

But, the fine people at Le Bistro who have built this big store selling food items to role play family cooking with, or FRIEND COOKING if you don’t have a family, sent me a blogger sample so I thought, heck, I should cook some friends or something. ALAS it’s actually a real meal, not cooking your friends which is a totally different ROLE PLAY.

They sent me a gift card so I could choose the meal I wanted and I popped over to their store oh hell, like a MONTH ago. They were SUPER nice, and showed me how it all works. You buy a meal and first you rezz your pots and pans and you cook. The food emotes your cooking process, how the food is doing yadda yadda into chat.

For role play purposes I invited my friend Harrison Gearz over while I cooked.

The Pot says: “Gidge Uriza drops fresh lobster into the boiling water” or something to that effect.


Harrison: “STOP THE SCREAMING! oh my gooooooooooood the SCREAMING! KILL THEM FASTER!!!”

We also cooked some prawn and some baked potatoes. It was similar to the above dialogue except the food emoting was nicer and our raving bad things at the food was equally rude.

You rezz this tray which has your completed meal on it for presentation purposes, and you can place it on a sideboard or cabinet, depending on which you have, and your guests/family touch the vase to receive a plate and a fork! Now you are ready for a nice family dinner.

Our fellow IOF blogger Gala Caproni heard there was lobster and popped over for some dinner with friends and to visit for a while. There is something lovely to be said for a nice dinner with friends. You get cerebral, uplifting conversation like this:

Me: I gotta refill my coffee brb in two secs.
Harrison: That’s secret code for going to poop. If she’s only gone two secs she didn’t wash her hands.
Gala: LOL OMG!
Gala: Lol
Harrison: Suuuure
Gala: I gotta go pee BRB.
Me: Lies….

My take away from it was, it’s really pretty fun. I’ve always been a sucker for food stuff on the grid I don’t know why it just makes me smile. So this is a fun new twist for me. There is  big variety including desserts and cookie making sets. So actual family types would really enjoy it. I am not one of those and I certainly did, so I think if you role played family it’d be festive.

Anyway – not a fashion post I know but I really enjoyed this product so thought I’d share. Kind thanks to the creators at Le Bistro for thinking of me.

You can find Le Bistro at this slurl.  Hop a ride or look them up in search.

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