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Wednesday Wandering – PREPARE FOR EXTRACTION

So a friend of mine on plurk has been chatting up about adventures on mainland for some time now, talking about a magical backpack that just transports you ANYWHERE and boom there you are.

It sounds nutty and I’m pretty sure that by now you know, I LOVE THINGS THAT ARE NUTTY. So I had to get one. I’ve decided that until I forget about it or get bored or decide not to do it anymore, I’m going to make Wednesdays about some random exploration. I had a ridiculous time doing it today. Continue reading

Oh I Overslept

It’s no wonder with this bed from Ispachi, still available at the ARCADE.  The fluffy kitty doesn’t help either.

But it’s 21 SHOE and MY ATTIC opened, and all the other things are happening and it’s a great day for shopping. I need to get up.  Continue reading


It’s only a Tuesday. But I felt like giving it a date night look today in my SL. I got out my jewelry armoire and pulled out some pieces from Donna Flora, my favorite jewelry store of all time.  Her jewelry still stands the test of time and is worth stopping by if you haven’t for a while. It’s lovely. Continue reading

Pipe Down Hoodlums!

I smoked for a very long time, started out casually around the age 17 and by the time I was 30 I was up to 2 packs a day. In April of 2009 I quit cold turkey and never looked back, it was a great decision.  LUCKILY, lung problems and cancer isn’t an issue in my 2nd life so my avatar can live dangerously…and she does from time to time. She also has a smoke every now and then and this new clay pipe found at this round of Genre is need I say…smokin!

It comes with a nice hud. You can choose how often you want to puff, you can let it know if you want to blow smoke out of your nose, your mouth, your nose and mouth, or blow out smoke rings. I like rings.  You can also choose whether you want the tobacco to fire up red or not and if you have show local lights clicked you can see your face light up as you take a toke. Good times.

Koy – Mathilda – Browns (HAIR FAIR 2014)
Distorted Dreams – Bianca Gown (GENRE – NEW)
Distorted Dreams – Bianca Cage Crown (GENRE – NEW)
IKON – Immortal Eyes – Midnight (NEW)
REDUX/REBOOT – Baroque Pipe – Black Clay
League SKin – Erin – Feline

After a Long Day At HAIR FAIR

My long night running the gauntlet of Hair Fair, in and out of every shop, buying, making plans to buy later, demoing, trying to look pretty, all of these things created an intense desire to find a mellow spot to relax and take in my spoils.

CHEEKY PEA has created a perfect summer spot for summer repose with the WHITBY set. You can pick it up at the Season’s Story event, and it’s a great spot to relax or hang out with friends. Delicious beverages are also available. Continue reading

Hair Fair 2014 goodies

Here are some hair fair goodies from Ploom, A&A and Koy. I love how everyone is incorporating  really fun colors in their hairs now.

Ploom – Plasma

Adore&Abhor –  Darling Hair

KOY – Lana

1st Picture:
.ploom. Plasma (large) – Ploomage (HAIR FAIR 2014)
*League* Skin Erin Fair Feline
IKON Ascension Eyes – Azure
La Malvada Mujer – My Pink N2/ full (COSMETICS FAIR 2014)

2nd Picture:
Adore&Abhor – Darling Hair (HAIR FAIR 2014)
La Malvada Mujer – Smoke on the water N3 /eye makeup (COSMETICS FAIR 2014)
*League* Skin Erin Fair Feline
IKON Vanity Eyes – Coffee

3rd Picture:
KOY – Lana (Large) (HAIR FAIR 2014)
La Malvada Mujer – My Pink N5 /eyes makeup (COSMETICS FAIR)
IKON Spectral Eyes – Grass
*League* Skin Erin Fair -Feline

Fashion for Life…Opens In 10…9…8…

Fashion for Life, months in the planning, is going to open within minutes. It’s a great opportunity for us shoppers to take our hard earned lindens and put them toward donating to a great cause – the American Cancer Society.

I’m wearing a great summer look from Lacuna for Fashion for Life. This is just one of an amazing assortment of styles and looks you can find to dress up your pixel doll and support cancer research at the same time.

I was going to do a post where I listed all the slurls but…Shayariel did an amazing job and I don’t believe in duplicating work. Click that link and check out the great post about Slurls and the themes of the event.

Get your Wanderlust on!

Gidge is Wearing:

Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley – Crystal
Hair: Koy – Hanni
Dress: Lacuna – Mykonos – Olive and Almond for FASHION FOR LIFE
Hands: SLINK
Nails: FLAIR
Eyes: Ikon
Pose: Pretense


Last Day of Vacation

MY ATTIC has been a spectacular event for my three day weekend this time around. If you are ready to plunge head in to summer and appreciate the vintage styling of the pinup look, you need to run grab up the goodies.

Fishy Strawberry completed my lust for new beachwear with this retro sailor look, available in three colors. Continue reading