Pirates and Sailors – TO THE LIGHTHOUSE!

La Gyo has released two accessory sets for COLLABOR88 this month, one sailor themed an done pirate themed, for your nautical accessorizing needs.  They are pretty cute and the hat was super easy to fit.

I’m wearing a new short do from KOY – a great pick up bloggers, for showing off earrings and, FOR HATS! I’m also wearing Belleza’s new skin that was just released at THE ARCADE. Pretty lip tone on this one! Very subtle.

That’s a quickie for Monday!

Later girls!

Gidge is wearing:

Skin: Belleza -Suki – Rare 2 from THE ARCADE
Hair: KOY – Hanni
Hats: La Gyo – Pirate and Sailor Hats – from COLLABOR88 (with earrings)
Eyes: Ikon
Lashes: Amacci

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One thought on “Pirates and Sailors – TO THE LIGHTHOUSE!

  1. Harper Ganesvoort

    Dishonorable pirate dog! Beware, for I, Keiko Yukihime-san of the Toranaga Ninja Burger dojo, shall hunt you down for daring to wear the insignia of our hated enemies in public!

    (But it’s still a cute pair of hats [grin].)

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