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Boy the way Glenn Miller played

Ruruko's Green Tweed Suit is an exquisite vintage suit. The shawl collar, big cloth buttons and the pastel green all hallmarks of a long ago era in fashion.

A comment on my flickr invoked the music of Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey when looking at this suit. They seemed the perfect foil for this suit – their songs from a few decades earlier, but the can-do optimism of their music seems reflected in the upbeat design of the dress.

Wishing will make it so
Just keep on wishing and care will go
Dreamers tell us dreams come true
It’s no mistake
And wishes are the dreams we dream
When we’re awake
The curtain of night will part
If you are certain within your heart
So if you wish long enough, wish strong enough
You will come to know
Wishing will make it so

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