Exodi Sophie = <3

Ohaiiii everyboooddyy!! So.. I was in the middle of this post last week and my computer crashed.. and would not start back up… I tried everything.. And finally it let me atleast reformat.. BUT I lost EVERYTHING!! lol SO!! I NOW BRING YOU A DETAILED POST FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL SKIN!!! This is from Exodi and its named Sophie annnnddd LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEE!!! I know you saw it on me last week.. but I wanted to bring you a break down and show off all the wonderful goodness you can choose from!! So.. Here we goooooooo!!! 😀 <333333333

The pic above if just a pic of me and I have on the black eye shadow skin on and looovvveee!! Annndd below we have ALL THE SKIN TONES!!! hahahah.. yeaaaaa… You have 10 different tones to choose from… I always go fro a little tanner than most.. But then again.. I am a Texas girl.. and well.. It doesnt really get cold for very long here.. RL me is also tan!! OKAY! Imma start with the top left!! I am about to list these from lightest to darkest! Here we go!! Porcelain.. Cachet.. Vivante.. Peche.. Lumiere.. Lumineux.. Soleil.. Fraise.. Carmel.. & Nuit…. I am currently stuck on Soleil.. Looooooooovvvveee!! <3333

Now lets strip down!! hahaha I mean.. Its time for pics with out my lashes and piercings pervs! 😛 This next pic is all the different freckle options with Sophie.. They are in tattoo layer and I am not a freckle person.. But I am kinda diggin these!! From left to right we have…. Lightest, Lighter, Midtone, Darker, & Heavy!

Annnnnnnnnddd Next up… LIPSTICKS!!! Looovvveee so many colors and options when you buy the WHOLE pack!! Its wonderful!! I um… I am not going to list all the names of these.. There are like 20 of them.. Lol.. Sorrryyy!! 😛

The eye shadow option is included on the skin!! Each color shadow has light and dark eyebrow options as well! I just did all light eyebrows for the post.. So much easier! 😛 Annndd again.. You will have to demo these.. Imma make you work for it!! hahah!

Lastly.. We have eyeliner options.. 😀 there are 5 options on these.. I always love my eyes dark.. RL and SL lol so yea.. The more options the better!! The eye liners are in tattoo layers.. looovvveeee!

Okkkaaaayyyy sorry this took so long to get this out to you guys!! lol As I said.. Computer issues!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend and stuff.. And GO TO EXODI AND DEMO THEN BUY THIS SKIN!! lol you will not regret it!! eeeeeeee!! <333

Skin – ::Exodi:: – Sophie
Tats – ::Garden of Ku:: – Hello Pussycat
Eyes – .ID. – Starburst Eyes – Turquoise
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Diva (I got them at a skin fair years ago.. idk if they still sell them)
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Hair – >TRUTH< – Vicky

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