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Winter White



I love the fun, modern styling of this winter coat from Baiastice. It’s deceptively simple, but the details are telling from the slightly dropped hem in the back, the pocket inset and the fabulous box pleat in the back.  It comes in several colors, but this winter white is the one that won my heart.  Continue reading

The Truth about Vonda

One of my goals every year at Hair Fair is to find a new to me creator, and fall in love. This has happened every year without fail, and this year I found that it was GOTZSCHE that is in the running as one of my new loves, even though I’ve only complete two sims so far.

In a little modest booth with 3-4 styles, this little shop might be easy to pass by but I recommend you don’t.  I have a very strict routine at Hair Fair, I go into EVERY SINGLE BOOTH. Unless the sky parts and I scream KILL IT WITH FIRE I tend to demo something from every place. Normally I do this on blogger day, but I was having surgery that day this year, so it’s taking me a wee bit longer to get through.

Their style that grabbed at me at GOTZSCHE though – was named after one of the looming ghosts from my childhood – VONDA. Continue reading