The Truth about Vonda

One of my goals every year at Hair Fair is to find a new to me creator, and fall in love. This has happened every year without fail, and this year I found that it was GOTZSCHE that is in the running as one of my new loves, even though I’ve only complete two sims so far.

In a little modest booth with 3-4 styles, this little shop might be easy to pass by but I recommend you don’t.  I have a very strict routine at Hair Fair, I go into EVERY SINGLE BOOTH. Unless the sky parts and I scream KILL IT WITH FIRE I tend to demo something from every place. Normally I do this on blogger day, but I was having surgery that day this year, so it’s taking me a wee bit longer to get through.

Their style that grabbed at me at GOTZSCHE though – was named after one of the looming ghosts from my childhood – VONDA.

Vonda was one of my mother’s college roommates. She never had children. She drove a Jaguar the same color as her beautiful platinum hair. She wore white gloves and her bag always matched her shoes and her lipstick always matched her nails.

Vonda – was a force of nature. She was a flight attendant. She worked at an embassy.  She did this and that but none of it for too long. She was married then divorced then married again. She would fly in and my mother would LEAVE THE HOUSE and sometimes she WOULD WEAR MAKE UP. And then Vonda would leave, and my mother would go back to sweatshirts and cut offs.

I marveled at her. At her many stacked rings far before anyone else ever had them, at her bracelets from Cairo, at her heels when all the other ladies were just wearing flip flops. Vonda always seemed flawless to me.  She told me things I won’t ever forget, such as “Don’t wear Chanel No 5, wear 23. Everyone wears 5, it’s boring.”

I don’t really know what happened to her. She’s frozen in time at about the age of 29. She quit flying home after her parents died, my mother and her friends stories of Vonda stopped having new chapters.  I supposed somewhere she’s elderly and smoking and jangling her bracelets from Cairo.

At least I hope so.

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” 

                                                                       ~ Coco Chanel

Your Shopping List

Nails: [ PXL ] Manicure – Red #1 BlackFrench
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 1
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Ring: *LC* – My Wifey Ring (diamond)
Shoes: Baiastice_Lotus Pumps -midnight-white dots
Dress: Baiastice_Misty Mesh Mini Dress-white/black-S
Hair: GOTZSCHE Hair. Vonda – Wheat HAIR FAIR 2012
Photo Studio:[Tillie] Posing Stand 4.00
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: Baiastice_Nina-porcelaine -make up 12- BL
Eyes: Poetic Colors -classic – coral reef (m) bright
Poses: Status

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