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Crazy Days of Disarray

I could leave one picture here and have you think I’m mostly settled into my new SLife, that I’m not living out of boxes and trying to sort out where my things are or what should go where in my new house.

This would be a lie. Continue reading

To Bed

Quiet reflection to end my day is proving more and more valuable every day. What went well? What did I get done? I know I didn’t accomplish everything but no one ever does. I feel good, overall, about my day. I’m going to sleep well, and I’m going to wake up ready to face my new work work.   Continue reading

New Darker Tones for SLINK Visage Head

I used to work with a girl whose mother was a very pale, freckled Irish redhead. Her father was a black as night Colombian. Finding makeup with a nightmare for her.  Her skin tone was dark but pale, and everything looked wrong. I remember when her tone of foundation was discontinued, she was distraught.

You see a lot of complaining in SL about dark skin tones, or the lack thereof, but at least it’s not a problem we MUST live with. We can try new things, branch out, and flip into different colors on a whim.

In SL, we are whatever color we want to be, which is a luxury ladies of color do not have in RL. Continue reading

It Takes a Lot of Work

I always laugh a little when I get dressed, remembering Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolia’s declaring “It takes a lot of work to look like this!”  What I wanted to look like this morning was comfortable. It’s Sunday, and luckily Girl Thursday just released adorable casual clothes that are perfect for your adventures on such a relaxed day.

I made my coffee and perused the sales, trying to decide where to head out to first.   Continue reading

What’s Not To Love ?

My new home from Alouette comes with the huge wrap around porch of my RL dreams.   After I got pixel Gidge ready for her very packed day of shopping she decided that ordering some breakfast up was exactly in order.  She has her own mind most days. Luckily, I live on an island that has everything and it was nothing to get some coffee to go sent over and some waffles.

It makes me not really mind the storm rolling in for the day. Continue reading

The Arcade Sent Me On Vacation

Well I got a new little dog. I might be into collecting little dogs now. With the Arcade feeding my cute things addiction this weekend it’s hard to say WHERE the madness will stop. But I’ve set up a little campsite with my new Tres Blah trailer and outdoor goodies, and the doggie and me are on vacay! Continue reading

Thursday Child Is Full of Woe

Girl Thursday is a newer to me store with an intriguing name. I’m wearing a holiday release of a festive cable knit tank top – perfect, cuz I live on the beach.

I am interested in the name, because I want to know what it means. Is it Girl Thursday because it’s not quite as good as Girl Friday?  (You youngsters can Google that shit.) Or is it as in, Thursday’s Child is Full of Woe? Continue reading