New Darker Tones for SLINK Visage Head

I used to work with a girl whose mother was a very pale, freckled Irish redhead. Her father was a black as night Colombian. Finding makeup with a nightmare for her.  Her skin tone was dark but pale, and everything looked wrong. I remember when her tone of foundation was discontinued, she was distraught.

You see a lot of complaining in SL about dark skin tones, or the lack thereof, but at least it’s not a problem we MUST live with. We can try new things, branch out, and flip into different colors on a whim.

In SL, we are whatever color we want to be, which is a luxury ladies of color do not have in RL.

I can never resist playing with the SLINK head.  These new appliers from ADAM N EVE called SHONA come in a beautiful range of caramel tones from light to very dark and there are SLINK VISAGE appliers for them. So if you were waiting for a dark toned skin to try out VISAGE, here you go.

Adam n eve has once again delivered a skin with a lot of personality for a unique look on your avatar.

I’m wearing the lightest tone, because it did  remind me of the coloring of the Irish-Colombian girl I knew.

My dress is from Girl Thursday at MY ATTIC and it’s a 2 piece – which is perfect for those of you who might have different sizes top and bottom!

Gidge Is Wearing:

Skin: Adam N Eve – SHONA – with SLINK VISAGE Applier
Hair: Truth – Faye
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Early Coffee
Dress: Girl Thursday – 2 Piece Maxi – Cool Abstract – MY ATTIC
Mesh Head, Hands: SLINK
Nail Applier: FLAIR

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XiomaraThe reason that there is so much complaining about darker skin tones is because not all of us are interested in rping as white people.
XiomaraIf you're interested in being darker than "sunkissed" the options have always been limited.
FudgeNo I know why, that's why I made a point to
FudgeBlog these, I think it's important for those who want to wear black or dark ski tones
FudgeTo know what's new - as obviously there aren't a dirth
FudgeOf new releases.
SachivAwesome post thank you!
Sachiv ::Plurk Frontpage Promotion::
Faeryfox(Beth)Also good for those wanting fantasy skin tones.
Faeryfox(Beth)For people to make appliers, that is.
XaquelineI would have liked to have seen all the tones, not just the lightest one.
Xaquelineand I agree with you, XiomaraMendes. I guess I'm one of those "complainers" in SL who love to wear dark skins but finds only a few where you can tell the creator has worked on it and not just
Xaquelinedarkened their light skins.
XiomaraXaqueline: I'm a longtime complainer. If I had any sort of artistic skill, I would have had a skin store specializing in darker tones ages ago.
SachivYou can see all the tones if you try a demo Xaqueline! I've always had a variety of dark skins at my store though I rtired a fair few recently to make way for newness
SachivThere are dark skins out there if you look for them
Sachiv and that's another tone
Faeryfox(Beth)What a gorgeous shade!

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