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Mourn The Raven – at FLUX

Mourn the RAVEN - at FLUX

Quoth The Raven….yadda yadda…

The FLUX Event is in full swing with it’s nod to the more macabre and dark world of curio obscura. We are short two headed mermaids but not of much else, this is for sure. I’m wearing the Raven gown from Eclectic Firefly, pity the birds who are shivering as I swoosh about in their feathers. Continue reading

I Fell Down a Rabbit Hole

So I went to a place called the Green Gables Cafe but before I even got inside the little cafe, I saw a little door and a March Hare – and I just had to see what was on the other side. I was instantly transported into a magical little tea party. Continue reading