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Filtercam Funhouse

As part of our exhibit at SL9B I wanted to showcase all the things you can do with an image without photoshop.  There seems to be an ongoing idea that all bloggers require photoshop to be able to blog worth a damn.

Well, I’ve never owned photoshop and I thought I’d show you one of the tools you can use to make your photos more interesting, festive or tell a story – without having PS.

The picture above is me, in neutral lighting with my arms up – see the largest picture. It’s kind of a random pose, and that’s why I chose it. But if I employ a photo-hud, in this instance FILTERCAM I can convey a different mood by choosing different filters over my avatar.

I can make her look like she is escaping or celebrating, just by changing the mood with a filter.

This is a very small sampling of the available changes I can make to one posed avatar’s picture using Filtercam from Mechanized Life.

I have done a couple of tutorials on the details and step by step of how to use Filtercam HERE  and HERE . I think it’s one of the simplest to use and most fun tools bloggers and photographers of Second Life have to make their photos shot in world interesting without having to own PS.

You can tell a story with your pictures, without post processing at all.

Filtercam is available on Marketplace along with an extra pack of more filters for those of you who can’t get enough.

How to Use FILTERCAM – Yeah It's A Tutorial

My friend and fellow blogger Gala and some other people have asked me what is this Filtercam thing that Cajsa and I (and some others) have been on about lately. It’s certainly not NEW but what is new is that a whole new pack of filters has just been released, an expansion pack if you will, and it’s got the awesome written all over it. Of course – that information isn’t all that useful to you if you don’t know what we’re talking about in the first place.

So, let me explain. Continue reading

Haut.Monde Ghost Dress Made SPOOOKY By FILTERCAM2

Haut Monde has released some Halloween themed fun. If you are a fan of the tight sweater dresses released not too long ago (I am) you’ll love the festival Halloween themed ghost dress. It’s silly fun which is the best kind, in my mind. Continue reading

Even Crazy Cat Ladies Can Work FILTERCAM

It’s story time my lovelies so pull up a chair.

Once upon a time, Mechanized Life had FILTERCAM on sale buy one gift one. So I was like, ok, everyone in the Fashion Mafia seems to have one, I must needs one too. So I bought one. But then I read the instructions. And they made me cry.

But recently, while swarmed with my kitties, I decided “Self, you oughta take a glimpse at that there FILTERCAM dealie you bought.” So I opened it up, opened the notecard and……..

It was really easy. Continue reading