How to Use FILTERCAM – Yeah It's A Tutorial

My friend and fellow blogger Gala and some other people have asked me what is this Filtercam thing that Cajsa and I (and some others) have been on about lately. It’s certainly not NEW but what is new is that a whole new pack of filters has just been released, an expansion pack if you will, and it’s got the awesome written all over it. Of course – that information isn’t all that useful to you if you don’t know what we’re talking about in the first place.

So, let me explain.

First, you start with a picture you are going to take, let’s say it’s Gidge in new Wasabi Pills hair!


Here Gidge stands after attaching the hud for the FILTERCAM which shows up as a wee box on my screen. I click it and WHAM it expands so that the full filter is visible.

Once the full filter, in this instance, a film filter is visible you click and HOLD on your screen over the filter image – say 2-3 seconds which is way longer than you think. When you do that – the main menu comes up – from there you can choose a sub category – in this instance I’m in the FILM category. Just click on the name of the filter you want to try and it comes up. Only takes a few moments to come up depending on what sort of lag hell you are in.

With the new expansion pack there are a ton of new filters, RUST themed and new TVs to name a few. So then, you can take a picture that’s just of an avatar standing around in her skivvies and turn it into something like these.

OMG LOOK LENSFLARE SHOOTING OUT MY ASS!! (sorry couldn’t help it)

Or you can do stuff like these….the point is, it’s one more way to expand the possibilities of your photos.

You are only limited by your creativity in how you apply the filtercam filters.

You can tell, shooting in studio is amazingly expanded by using filters and going on location is brilliant, there are so many great options now with this new expansion set.

So what’re you going to do with Filtercam?

Filtercam2 and it’s Expansion Pack Dirty can be picked up on marketplace! Check out Filtercam and then when you realize how RIGHT I AM go back and get the expansion.

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