Even Crazy Cat Ladies Can Work FILTERCAM

It’s story time my lovelies so pull up a chair.

Once upon a time, Mechanized Life had FILTERCAM on sale buy one gift one. So I was like, ok, everyone in the Fashion Mafia seems to have one, I must needs one too. So I bought one. But then I read the instructions. And they made me cry.

But recently, while swarmed with my kitties, I decided “Self, you oughta take a glimpse at that there FILTERCAM dealie you bought.” So I opened it up, opened the notecard and……..

It was really easy.

I am not sure what was wrong that first time I read it. I mean, it’s fairly straightforward when you read in your native language.  Wear the hud. Do a long lick on the filter when it shows up and VOILA – you get the menu.

I put on a confetti filter for funz. But as lots of other people have shown you I’m sure – there is much silly fun to be had.

Or you can make a silly postcard, especially with some help from Picnik.

You can also do lots of non-silly cool artsy things. But you know, that’s NOT how I roll.

And now another secret, for you Kittycats people.

All those cats…they are attached. So I’m totally multitasking, holding cats, taking pictures, learning to use FILTERCAM.

I can DO IT ALL.

There are also instructions on how to make your own filters included. They hurt my head a bit. But, I’m blonde.  I’ll have a brunette day and give it a try some time.

If you haven’t yet, check out FILTERCAM from Mechanized Life. It’s fun times. You probably need one.

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