Back in My Own Bed

No place like home

It’s funny how good it feels to sleep in your own bed again after traveling. It is not that any of the places I stayed had uncomfortable beds. They were all lovely, but sure enough, back in my own bed, I slept longer with fewer interruptions. Why? I think it must be the sounds. At both my sisters’ houses it was just too quiet. No cars passing, no sirens, no garbage trucks at 5 AM. Instead, it was silent except for the chirps and rattles of the martins, the long whistles of the cardinals and orioles, and the shrieks of blue jays. My one sister is quite a birder with special houses and feeders, though it was kind fun and frustrating watching a squirrel carrying off the oranges she put out for the orioles. This bed is from DRD, part of the wonderful romantic collection released for The Arcade. The lovely letter and rose petals came from Fancy Decor at The Arcade, but it is more fun to pretend they came from a long lost love.

No place like home
My cat Oscar came with me back to Minnesota. With most cats, I would have just boarded or got someone to visit, but he has a complicated medicine regime that is on a four day repeating cycle. I could never board him anyway after he spent 8 months at the Humane Society waiting for a home. I would never want him to experience that again, even for a day. My SL cats are not nearly so demanding, as you can see this one from Mutresse for the Arcade. The set is called Witty Cats and they are that. The cat tower is from Half-Deer for Collabor88. So much fun and in many colors, too. The clock is from Nomad for Arcade.

No place like home
Most of the bedroom furnishings came from DRD’s fabulous Arcade gacha full of the most romantic love nest items. The only thing not from that gacha is the photo which I took when I took my mom on a cruise to Alaska. It was an orchid on our dining table on our first day. It always makes me think of mom because she loved orchids. My oldest sister does too and she had a magnificent yellow orchid in bloom along with dozens in various stages of growth and rest.

No place like home

The chair and the bookshelves are also from the DRD Arcade gacha, but the settee is from Tres Blah.The pouf is from Aria for the Arcade. The basket shelf is from 8f8. The curtain is from Soy and was an opaque leaf fabric. I changed the texture to one of my distressed textures backgrounds and set it to about 20% alpha. The photo is another one of mine, a picture of the river on my grandparents’ homestead which is also where my older siblings grew up. I uploaded it after tinting it with a filter to suit the room. The house is the henlopen cottage from Barnesworth Anubis and I tinted the walls a pale pink. I love that BA lets you modify so you can make subtle changes. In case you want to see the picture, I uploaded it for you below.


No place like home

The lovely chair is from DRD’s Arcade offerings. The desk is from Aria,an older piece as are the various make up elements from Tres Blah. The pouf the vanity rests on is from Aria for Arcade.

Items from The Arcade
DRD LN Draped Chair, couch, Ben, Cabinet, Birdcage Light, Fireplace, Bookshelf, teaset, chandelier
Aisling Potted Plant
Aria Bridal Parlour, Dress Form, Pouf
Fancy Decor letter and rose petals
Mutresse Witty Cats Let Me In
Nomad Retrowave Clock
PLAAKA FlowerVase Pink Cone

Items from Collabor88
Half-Deer Breezy Ceiling Fan – Pearl White
Half-Deer Cozy Cat Condo – Sky Blue
Barnesworth Anubis henlopen cottage

Aria Bella Vanity Mirror and Table, Jewelry Boxes
Dust Bunny Basket Table, robin nest silver, porcelain deer
Kubrick Flux frames
LeeZu Cats Poster
Mudhoney Laura Console, Skyler Pouffe
Soy. OSC- HANGING FABRIC – Leaf copy B
tarte portable vanity
tres blah makeup clutter, eye makeup, which perfume, crown and candle, charmant settee mint,

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