Cooking and Eating at My House

I live in Barnesworth Anubis’ Classic Brownstone which has a huge kitchen/dining room. I contemplated using it for a roller rink, but well, that would be silly. Instead, I have a formal dining table on one side, a casual nook for solitary meals and a fabulous kitchen. Here’s a tour of the space and the Christmas decor.

Tis the Season

The focal point is the dining table and chairs from The Loft. They were released in October and remain a favorite because of the powerful statement their sleek style and form deliver. The come with gorgeous place settings and I imagine will serve well throughout the year. The NOMAD Baubles Tree from The Arcade is a modern and minimalist bit of decor and the Schadenfreude Festive Cheese Snack was a gift I found under the tree at The Arcade
Tis the Season

I’ve tucked the Swedish dining table chairs and candelabra from Nomad into a corner for a less formal place to drink some coffee, read the paper or grab a bagel. The fruit bowl is also from Nomad. All of those items were released in November at Collabor88.  The lovely red cuckoo clock is from Fancy Decor and was released in a panoply of colors at The Arcade. The washbasin planter and hedge are from Trompe Loeil and is also at the Arcade. The chalkboards I repurposed from floorplan and Willow’s Astrology Chart, replacing the chart with some chalk art I found on the internet and tinting the frames red. Many of the frames sold at events are modifiable and will allow you to replaced their pictures with your own and some, like this wonderful one will let you change the frame’s color and size. Over the table is a big chalkboard from Clutter. They have released several different ones for the holidays. Below that, you can see Trompe Loeil’s JOY letters, a part of the holiday decor collection at The Arcade.
Tis the SeasonOn the left, you can see the black Christmas ribbon from The Loft for the Botanical Christmas tree at Tannebaum. I thought it would be fun to use it as a sculptural tree on its own. For me, it seems a fitting complement to the dining table and chairs. On the wall, you can see the sign I made using Riders Mesh Factory’s Neon font rezzer. Riders Mesh Factory makes all sorts of fonts and to make your own words, you just rez their contraption, and follow the directions in the blue window. They are really difficult directions like press Start and press Finish. The other decor on The Loft’s Baxter buffet that matches their Baxter table and chairs will be highlighted in closer pictures.

Tis the Season

One of my favorite pieces of decor are Pilot’s Romantic Candlesticks. You can tint the candles any color you like. Normally I leave them white, but tis the season. I love how naturally they illuminate the space, not too bright, a failing with most candles. This gorgeous cake is from Dust Bunny and is one of the gifts under the tree at The Arcade. Behind the cake, you can see Nomad’s Ornamental Trees from The Arcade collection this month.

Tis the Season

The wall are is one of Kubric Flux’ full-perm canvass sets. I found some black and white christmas tree art on the internet and placed it just for my own home. Then there is The Loft’s tree ribbon again. I really do love it as a piece of art. On the buffet, there is the dark Kalopsia Twigs Star from The Arcade. The Razzberry Inc lighted branches are also from the Arcade. I edited linked parts, selecting the lights to reduce the amount of glow. It was brighter than I liked, but modifiable so I could make it exactly how I wanted it. The Pinecone Candles are from Pixel Mode’s collection at The Arcade.


Tis the SeasonThe Kitchen is a bit less modern and more eclectic as you might gather from this cornhusk doll from R(S)W at the Arcade. The kitchen counters and appliances are from Trompe Loeil’s fabulous retro kitchen that I have had for several years. I love its bold style.
Tis the SeasonAgain, I am using repurposed frames from Flowey and Willow for some chalk art. I thought it was a fun look for the season. The shelving unit is from junk and one of my favorite pieces. It’s full of tea and coffee tins from Lark and 8f8. The little stool with the cat under it is Clutter’s Sneaky Kitty that was made back in 2011 when my cat Cliff was put to sleep the day after his 19th birthday. Kat also made the I Heart My Cat sign back then. It was for a fundraiser for the Humane Society in his remembrance that some of my friends threw. I know it’s old but they are sentimental pieces. The cupboard is the famous “Well-Stocked Pantry” from Second Spaces that most everyone has collected pieces of for their kitchens. The stools are from B.C.C. , part of Emma’s Sweet Kitchen collection for the Arcade this month.

Tis the SeasonFrom another angle, so you can see the fabulous soup from Vespertine for The Arcade this month. I love the texturing on this soup and the detail. All the veggies and the cookbook are part of the Dutchie Kitchen Island. You get a much more detailed look at the pantry and the I Love My Cat sign.
Tis the Season

There are some cookies from Sari-Sari on the island and the welcome mat from What Next is part of this month’s Arcade, a simple touch and you can change the message. The lovely red rug is part of B.C.C. Emma’s Sweet Kitchen collection.
Tis the Season

All of the canisters on the shelves and counter are fromTrompe Loeil Retro Kitchen except for the cooking pots and the kettle which are part of B.C.C.’s collection for The Arcade. The Coffee Grinder and Espresso Machine are from 8f8’s wonderful Petite Joie Cafe collection from last year. The sideboard is by LeeZu and I love that it has wheels, handy in a kitchen. The hello sign is from llorisen and can be tinted to whatever color you like.

  • R(S)W Corn Dolly – Cheers!  @ The Arcade
  • B.C.C Emma’s sweet kitchen Pot-Red @ The Arcade
  • Trompe Loeil Retro Kitchen Red
  • B.C.C Emma’s sweet kitchen Soup Pot-Red [1] @ The Arcade
  • B.C.C Emma’s sweet kitchen kettle A @ The Arcade
  • RC Cluster R(S)W Owl Cookie Jar @ The Arcade
  • 41_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Coffee Grinder SECRET
  • 03_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Espresso Machine RARE
  • llorisen // eclectic hello sign RARE (copy)
  • [LeeZu!] Sophia Sideboard Black
  • Fancy Decor: Cut-Out Cuckoo Clock (Red) @ The Arcade
  • Trompe Loeil – Washbasin Planter & Hedge @ The Arcade
  • floorplan & Willow Astrology chart (tinted frame red & added new textures in picture area)
  • Clutter Exclusive – Seasonal Chalkboard (Wishes)
  • Trompe Loeil – JOY Light-Up Letters @ The Arcade
  • NOMAD // Swedish Dining Table, chairs, candelabra and fruit bowl
  • KUBRIC FLUX – Full Perm – Canvas 06 – 4 Canvases
  • The Loft – Monochrome Christmas Ribbon Black @ Tannenbaum
  • The Loft – Baxter Table Nightshade, Chairs, Place Settings
  • PILOT – Romantic Candlesticks [SILVER, tintable candles]
  • NOMAD // Baubles Tree  @ The Arcade
  • Schadenfreude Festive Cheese Snack  @ The Arcade
  • Kalopsia – Twigs Star – Dark RARE  @ The Arcade
  • Pixel Mode – Remington – Pinecone Candle  @ The Arcade
  • dust bunny . berry cake . arcade gift 2015  @ The Arcade
  • Razzberry Inc [RI] Lighted Branches (Silver)  @ The Arcade
  • NOMAD // Ornamental Trees  @ The Arcade
  • FEAST made with Riders Mesh Factory Neon Font
  • junk. gas pump shelves. red.
  • Lark – Organic Coffee
  • 39_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Coffee and Tea Tins
  • Clutter ™ – Sneaky Kitty Country Stool
  • Clutter ™ – I Heart My Cat (White)
  • Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – pantry
  • B.C.C Emma’s sweet kitchen Stools-Red @ The Arcade
  • {vespertine} – soup de jour 8 @ The Arcade
  • Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Deer Cookies @ The Arcade
  • Dutchie kitchen island pg
  • What Next Merry Welcome Mat @ The Arcade
  • B.C.C Emma’s sweet kitchen Rugs-Red @ The Arcade


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