In the Snuggery


Ispachi Cherished Moments Reindeer from The Arcade sheltered by the Dog Rose berries and the larch tree from 3d Trees.


A cozy corner near the stove Holds the wood needed to keep the snuggery extra snug. The lumberjack’s table is from Dust Bunny and the log chairs are from junk. The wooden stars and wreath are from Lark as is the bucket of candles.


Second Spaces released a snow days set for Collabor88 that included the seating, the books, the string of lights and the “Weather is frightful” print. ASO! released the stars, the white wreath and the wooden tree at The Arcade. I tinted a few of the stars for fun. Untitled

I love the packaging for the Dust Bunny tree for The Arcade. , it’s that fabulous print on the wall. I did not trash it because – well, you can see why, it’s beautiful. The radio is from Contraption and is also at The Arcade. The books are from Second Spaces at Collabor88 and the vase is also from Dusty Bunny (Arcade). The cute little ladders are from Soy. for Collabor88 and are matchsticks! Untitled

The hanging stars are gifts from Sway’s at The Arcade. You will find them under the big tree. Here you cans see the Dust Bunny tree that came in that great picture frame packaging. The pouf is from Soy. at Collabor88.Untitled

I love the porcelain deer head all in white and the scarf is a cute touch.  The box of ornaments is another gift at The Arcade, this time from Pixel Mode who gives an entire collection of boxes.


Location: 3D Trees winter dog rose (more snowy) 1 prim + snowy ground 1 prim (Nadine Reverie)

3 D Trees Winter Larch 03 M/T Nadine Reverie
From The Arcade
tarte. recycled window cabin RARE
tarte. crate seat (light)
Lark – CC 1 – Mirror
Lark – CC 12 – Stars
Lark – CC 3 – Candle Bucket
Lark – CC 8 – Wheel Wreath White
ASO! Tree B2 (white)
ASO! Star2 (blue)
ASO! Wreath (snow)
dust bunny . lumberjack’s table
dust bunny . cookies & cocoa
dust bunny . twinkley twigs
dust bunny . christmas tree . boxed . RARE ( plus box the tree came in)
dust bunny . porcelain deer . ivory
[ContraptioN] Post-War Radio: Good bye, Marie
junk. twigmas tree.
junk. log chair.
Sway’s [Star] three . long (Gift)
junk. wood burner.

From Collabor88
+Half-Deer+ Bunny found a Holly Branch (Choco/Natural)
+Half-Deer+ Bunny helps with the Decor (Choco)
Second Spaces – snow day window seat – light
Second Spaces – snow day prints
Second Spaces – snow day string lights – dark
Second Spaces – snow day books – messy stack
Soy. Matchstick ladders (w/ tex change)
Soy. Knitted Pouf [marudesu] – snow

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