Passport Madness

Wearing all the Souvenirs at Once

This year’s Fashion For Life features a Passport Game that encourages visits to every sim. To play you pick up your passport at one of the Redemption Center’s located on each sim. Then you wander the sims, picking up a souvenir on each sim. The souvenirs are provided by the builders and fit into the themes of the sims they built. Each souvenir requires a 50L donation to Relay For Life. You can find the souvenirs in each sim’s Gacha area. All you have to do then is wear the items while wearing the HUD. Each item stamps your HUD. As you can see, I made an “outfit” out of mine, who knew a flower pot made such a lovely skirt?

Fashion For Life Passport Game

Once your HUD has all 10 stamps, then you are ready to redeem your passport. Go to the redemption center to choose from the many prizes provided by creators and builders. You can only play the passport game once – so choose wisely.

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