Cajsa Fast Five: September 26th

Fast FiveIt’s been some time since my last Fast Five. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. Not that I have so much more to do, but the same work feels like more when I am not feeling my best. However, I have antibiotics now and should soon be firing on all cylinders again.

  • Today – Sydd Sinister’s Today post is from September 11th, which goes to show how far behind I am. Normally I would not pull up a post from so long ago, but this is just too good to miss. The styling is so perfect I thought all the pieces were from one outfit, but no! She pulled them together. It’s a stunner and kind of awe-inspiring.
  • Second Life’s Strange Second Life – The Verge has an article featuring Second Life that is not totally condescending, horrible and probably will not make you want to throw bricks at their office building. For example, the author writes “There’s no such thing as an average Second Lifer…” True and rarely seen in non-SL media. 
  • Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years in Jail – Rolling Stone interviews and profiles the man who was the public face of Anonymous and who is facing a lot of jail time despite not being a hacker or anything close to a hacker. What’s interesting is that he was a griefer in Second Life and talks about that being the most fun he’s ever had. I thought the SL connection was interesting and you might, too. Certainly this case is interesting and has serious implications for our civil rights and the rights of journalists.
  • 078 – Yukachoco Magic brings a surrealist edge to her styling and her photos – with a touch of the romantic. Romantic surrealism? Sure, just take a look.
  • How to Make Poses in Second Life, Part 2 – Gogo gives us a great tutorial on making mirror poses easily. I like mirror poses and think it’s a great addition to a pose set, because sometimes you really want to go the other direction.
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