Falling Upward: This Dress Is Made of Antimatter


While scientists at CERN have been designing an experiment to see if Newton’s apple might fall upwards, they results are in. Scientists at Peqe Laboratories have already developed a method of collecting antimatter without annihilating the planet and proven that yes, indeed, antimatter does fall upwards. How else to explain the anti-gravity powers of the Nine dress from Peqe? What keeps that dress up? Anti-matter, obviously.

While noting that this dress does almost miraculously fall upward, it does have a couple of issues that make you trying the demo particularly essential if you are one of those people who will not adjust your shape on single digit. She kept the alpha as small as possible, so you will probably need to adjust the torso just a bit. I had to reduce my cleavage a bit, making the breasts a little farther apart so there was no alpha showing along the neckline. In certain poses, a bit of skin pokes through right below the bottom of the neckline and at the back of the skirt. It is perfect 85% of the time or so, but there are a few poses that break through. The only option for 100% coverage is making the alpha disappear the entire body under the dress. Some designers and fashionistas like that, some prefer the body to remain as whole as possible. That is solely a matter of personal preference, not good or bad design. Antimatter can make it stay on the shoulders, but it does not fix everything.


You might have thought that it was held up by the back of the dress, but see…It’s clear that it plunges past normal bounds both back and front and would naturally slide off the shoulders and bare far more than is Safe for I Heart SL if not for antimatter.




Invisible to the naked eye, those lusciously Fierce shoes from BSD Design Studio have special gravitational force fields that keep me from floating off into air, or more accurately they keep me from falling upward. If you get the dress, you will have to make sure to have the gravitational force field installed in your shoes.





With so much cleavage, I wanted a dramatic necklace and chose this necklace from Kunglers. The ring is also part of this Gaia set. The earrings are also from Kunglers from the Apris set.  The hair is a gorgous pony tail from Exile with a fun bit of flippy loose strands here and there.



This luscious skin is from Glam Affair for the Arcade. Lulu is a wonderful collection of skins and you will definitely want them all.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Adorkable
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 04 RED @ Arcade
Makeup Tattoos:
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands with FLAIR manicure
Hair: Exile::Celebrity Skin AON
Clothing: Peqe – Nine Dress (M)
Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Fearless model-pink
Jewelry: {(Kunglers Extra) Apis earring – Golden, (Kunglers Extra) Gaia – Bronze necklace and ring

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  1. Alana Onyett

    As always a pleasure to read with wonderfully clean clear photographs. Cajsa’s blog always makes me want to run out and try new stuff! Yea!

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