naughty Jetson

I feel like a naughty Jetson in this get up. I don’t know if it’s how silver attire gives a futuristic look to clothing or what but I feel like I should be in 2140 and maybe a hooker.


I think side pony tails are gonna make a big come back in the future too, it was a big hit in the 80s and maybe it was ahead of it’s time because it’s hasn’t hit main stream again since then. I’m hoping for it’s return in the real world but until then I’ll settle for it’s success in SL.


This awesome skin is another from La Petite Morte. It’s part of the new skin line. I opted for the no brow look because I think it’s gives a rather alien look to my avatar. Like, when I think of aliens I never think of beautifully plucked eyebrows. Not that I was going for an alien look but I thought it looked kick ass with the whole outfit.


So, what is Hybie Wearing?

SKin: La Petite Morte – Ophelia – T3 – M6 – SE – NB
Hair: Exile – Celebrity Skin – Pastels
Dress: R3Volt – Penny Dress – V1
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer – Nao 1
Stockings: A-Typical – Fishnet Tights
Shoes: LaRoo – Ellie Sock Pumps – Black
Eyes: IKON – Vanity – Banshee
Earrings: Soedara – silver hoops smal

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