Cajsa Fast Five: March 3rd

Fast Five I will take advantage of this spot to highlight a fun event on Saturday – The Velvet: Circus of Dreams. I will be one of the eleven DJ’s taking you on a surreal trip to the Circus. I hope you can come.


  1. Romeo & Juliet: Opening Night Reviews Are In  Canary Beck shares a collection of reviews of the dance performance of Romeo & Juliet at the Basilique. More importantly, she has dates of upcoming performances. 
  2. Luscious Bombshell: An exclusive and entirely fabricated interview with Gogolita  Caduceus Lorakeet continues his hysterical reportage with an interview with the inimitable blogger of JuicyBomb.
  3. Technology Facilitates Thoughtless Indignation in Second Life: Honour McMillan writes about a loss to all of us brought about by acting without asking or thinking and how technological abuses damage our community through the lens of one specific example. “Who says is real and what is not real.”
  4. In the Pink Sky: Bom shares an adorably romantic picture. It will melt your heart.
  5. Engrama: Drax profiles a band that performs live in-world with no backing tracks. They talk about how they make music and what goes into their performance.
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