Cultural Appropriation – It’s Whats For Dinner !

Cultural Appropriation Is For Dinner


I could not resist the Mexican Fiesta at Rassassy last Sunday on the Lazy Sunday sale day. It was ONLY 75L for a lovely meal to cater at my house and I LOVE PIXEL FOOD DON’T JUDGE ME.

But as I laid my table and invited over my guests, I realized, that most misrepresented of Mexican holidays is upon us – Cinco de Mayo.

Visiting with Sanura


You might hear people say “It’s like Mexican independence day or something.” This is a bit like the anniversary of Gettysburg being “a bit like the 4th of July”. Completely wrong.

My quest then, is to enjoy some tex-mex (again, not traditional Mexican cuisine but a fusion of foods that became traditional in the areas where Texas and Mexico marry) talk about the misunderstanding of Cinco de Mayo.

Tacos and Oreo Cake with Sanura

The fifth of May is a celebration, originally, to commemorate the Battle of Puebla. The Mexican army defeated French forces at Puebla in 1862 on May 5th.

I feel like this meal should have some croissants now.

Cinco de Mayo is now more widely observed as a celebration of Mexican Heritage and Pride, and there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, it’s rather lovely.  But it’s NOT Mexican independence day. Thus, before donning a sombrero and slugging down tequila while doing your best Speedy Gonzalez imitation, perhaps pause a moment to remember that in fact, it’s a day of remembrance of a battle where people died.

And take off that hat, gringo.

Dinner with friends
And now back to my dinner.

Sasy and Sanura joined me for tex-mex and Oreo cake. Funny story about that Oreo Cake, it was in a midnight mania board and I MISSED slapping it darn it. So I said wth and bought it. It’s adorable, well worth it and yay me stimulating the economy.

I also forget where it’s from. Someone from plurk should remind me.

Cookies are not always hard

I want to thank Sasy for taking time out from making nails NONSTOP to come over and hang out, she regaled us with tales of something called Fairy Bread which is apparently something people down under eat, and I’m going to make it for my kids this weekend to see if they like it.  And Sanura was busy sending out blogger packs but even my favorite kittygirl knew Oreo cake was too good to pass up!
Si Is For CookieI am wearing new nails again from Flair, to color my SLINK enhancement mesh nails.

Sascha’s Designs is doing 60L weekend and this party dress was perfect – I love a cocktail party dress.

Belleza’s Best Buys have released new skins for MYA in special makeups and Wasabi Pills released this adorable fun style for Fame Shed. Yes I still call it Fame Shed, it’s how it remember it.

So many awesome things on sale this weekend, I suggest you bring your wallet because you will probably need them all!

But not that sombrero.

Gidge Is Wearing:
Party Dress: Sascha’s Designs- Luna Pink Top – for 60L Weekend
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Jewelry: (Donna Flora) FRANCESCA diamonds
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sunny Mesh Hair – Rye
Shoes: Baiastice_Jean pumps-pink-l
Nails:Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails (ANIM)
Nail Color: FLAIR
Eyes Controled by:[gi inc] Auto Focus 2.1
SHape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Belleza- Mya SK Belleza’s Best Buys 3
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S – Quinn – Gaynor natural
Pose: Status

Skybox: Barnesworth Anubis – Haight Apartment

Table: Cleo Design

Mexican Feista: Rassassy Food (originally at Lazy Sunday Sale Day)

Oreo Cake: Totally Forget



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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    OMG I remembered to check the box FIRST…its a good day. Thank you for the invite and the stimulating conversation, I love hanging with you in world in person and Sanura too, always fun.


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