Cajsa Fast Five: April 1st

Fast Five It’s April Fools Day. No tricks here though. Just beautiful dresses and beautiful pictures. Because it’s April Fools, I decided to skip the news articles today, because… However, I do have to mention Firestorm’s big new push to bring the viewer to your mobile phone.

  1. The 35th Opens the Heavens: Bodza Blackadder shows this amazing dress, a real show-stopper. Be sure to click on the photo so you can see it full-size to appreciate all the fabulous details. /me wants. 
  2. Outta Here: Lauryn Teardrop has a fun picture with just a bit of retro feel. And there is a poll!
  3. Springtime Romance: Teshan2222 Wycliffe has a fabulous trio of looks that are perfect for spring. I love that her photos are instantly identifiable as hers.
  4. Caught Up in the Whirlpool of Life: Wise Sandalwood’s photo is magical. She also mentions a new project from ADCreations to release an outfit inspired by a book each month.
  5. 065- Patchwork Ducks – This might be my favorite Where’s Dim Sum? yet.
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