Cajsa Fast Five: March 15th

Fast Five Today is the eventful in a different sense of the word. It’s full of events, so perhaps it’s “eventfull.” There’s the opening of Skin Fair and The Boutique, the deadline for the hottest photo contest in town, and Fashion For Life moving toward its too-soon closing on Sunday. And that’s not all!

  1. The Magic of Oz and the Frustration of Mesh: Carrie Lexington muses about the changes mesh has brought to Second Life and it’s not what you think. She has an interesting perspective and one that many will identify with. 
  2. Glam Affair’s Amberley Photo Contest Pool: This is hottest photo contest in town with huge prizes and amazing entries. I don’t envy the judges. What is striking about this contest is how it demonstrates the magic of SL. Entrants are only allowed to use one skin line and yet the diversity of style, appearance and aesthetics is amazing.
  3. Reach Out: This post shows why Miaa Rebane is so respected as a stylist in SL. Would you think to put those items together? She did.
  4. Another Post About Image…With Feeling! CronoCloud Creeggan writes movingly about self-image, social anxiety and loneliness with an honestly most of us avoid.  She has a unique perspective, particularly on gender, but this post is a thoughtful and touching reminder how very human we all are, no matter our different life experiences. Her sharing those feelings of social anxiety and loneliness are ones that most of us have in common.
  5. Oh! You bet I wanna scream and shout! Morgana Hilra finds an innovative way to highlight five different skins in one post.
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