Pink Fuel – Alyx

All is right in the world again. I was like emo about not being able to get into the skin fair early, which is obviously my fault because I’m lazy and didn’t apply to be in any of the blogger groups. Anywho, tonight Mochi passed over the tone of my choosing (pale of course) and I’m in love. This skin called Alyx in the porcelain tone is so adorable. The shots are raw shots, I’ve edited nothing on the skin.

Pink Fuel_001

There are different make up options ranging from pure to smokey and blue to pink. Also Mochi has made different lipsticks to go along with the skin with teeth and no teeth options. And the best is there is a NO BROW option! hooray!

Pink Fuel_003

Pink Fuel_002

So check out the Skin Fair and make sure to demo Pink Fuel’s ALYX!!!!

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