The Second Life Fashionista Achievement Awards

Cajsa and Hybie and I put our evil minds together and decided that we do in fact think there should be an END GAME on the Grid and we are here to help  you get there. I mean, how can you WIN if you don’t rack up achievements? Welcome to the first installment of – THE SECOND LIFE FASHIONISTA ACHIEVEMENTS. Have you unlocked these yet?

Bronze Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked: GIMME GIMME GIMME – Bronze Level Blogger Achievement. You’ve finally arrived, you got your first unsolicited review copy from someone you always dreamed of blogging for. CONGRATULATIONS! Now put that on and takes some pics!

150 Silver

Achievement Unlocked: A PLACE FOR MY STUFF –  Silver Level Blogger Achievement.  Complaining on social media outlets and group chat about how many review copies you have to blog, and how much time you are going to have to spend doing this. It’s a heavy burden, we’re glad you are here to carry it.


150 Gold

Achievement Unlocked: WHO EVER DIES WITH THE MOST STUFF WINS – Gold Level Blogger Achievement. Applying to every event, sale day, fundraising event and store to be an official blogger without regard for whether or not it even fits your style. Proclaim butthurt publicly if you don’t get in.

Successfully completing all three achievements merits you the title “BLOGANISTA”.

You are on your way to conquering the Grid. Or – something.

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Fudgei wrote it and i'm laughing. self indulgent
Ser Pouncei think i´m at bronze
Ser Pounceand will stick there only happened once tho
Darkleyi have 0
Darkleyi havent arrived
MistyI'm a bronz, I'll end there....way too lazy to apply to everything and have no clue how those bloggers do it to begin with. It's like non stop writing/crediting/photo'ing and OMG..the slurl work~!
Darkleyi only apply to stuff i like, theres so much thats not 'me' and i've never complained because i dont get much in the way of review copies
Mistythat's what I do too...otherwise...SLURL WORK DARKLEY! See...we're being smart..less work :-P
DarkleySlurl work?
Mistygetting slurls into a blog post. it takes work.
Darkleyoh, i dont do slurls anymore because people move so damn much i have a whole seperate page with each designers direct blog or marketplace store
Mistythat's cause you are smart. Damnit..why didn't I catch that earlier on? Could have saved me a ton of work
Darkleyi only switched to it this month
Mistywell..that's third thing I've learned from you
Darkleythird thing? i i remember the flickr one
Astheniaat bronze
Mistyhow to do cuts on the WP blogs
Darkleyahh, IM HELPFUL"
DeoridheOMG, this is hysterically funny.I wanna win that Silver, so I'm going to have to put on my complaining shoes!

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