Cajsa Fast Five: March 7th

Fast Five
Five great posts today! From high concept couture to cute and cozy, there’s a lot of variety. The non-fashion posts include a good tutorial and an example of amazing self-awareness and self-examination.

  1. Thanatos: This is one for the guys. Carthalis Rossini shows off some new skins from The Men’s Department that are so striking and high concept that they make me want to see something similar for women.
  2. Roxi Bluewood: Roxi Bluewood contributes a brutally honest self-examination to the Connecting: 365 SL Lives project. If only we could all be so honest with ourselves. 
  3. Tips & Tricks: Winning the Inventory Cleanup Battle: Hamlet Au wrote and article for New World Notes after reading this extensive and comprehensive tutorial on inventory cleanup. Hamlet points out that the difficult work of managing our inventory is another reason to charge for excessive inventories. I will leave that debate to the comments on his article, but I did want to encourage folks to check out the tutorial.
  4. Persephone: Dantelicia Ethaniel’s post features a beautiful and moving picture. I always am excited to see what she posts because she is the most free and experimental of all SL fashion photographers and bloggers.
  5. Simplicity: Naraelina Ordinary’s post is adorable. I love the photo and the epistolatory format of her post. It feels like getting a letter from an old friend, cosy, confiding and casual.
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