Cajsa Fast Five: March 8th

Fast Five Today’s Fast Five includes a fabulous real life/Second Life art gallery opening. You will want to dress up to attend the SL show so the RL folks can marvel at your style. A blogger is back from six month hiatus and there are great photos to check out.

  1. Uberverse: Art From a Virtual World. Ballarat Art Space in Ballarat, just north of Melbourne, Australia is opening a showing of Second Life art. The opening event is 9:00PM – midnight SLT on Friday 8 March at b1 sky gallery and will be streamed onto a big screen in the RL gallery.
  2. The Body Was Willing: Caoimhe Lionheart’s photo for this post are stunning. She is a great stylist and the bold use of light to blow out these photos make this an almost impressionistic explosion of color.
  3. Siren’s Song: With the release of the amazing sirens from The Erare Project, there have been many mermaid photos. Shawneese Offcourse does an exceptionally sexy and dangerously alluring siren.
  4. Play Ball: Cherryblossoms Resident has a cute, playful outfit that would make her the chicest basketball player in the universe. I love her boots.
  5. Brushed Chiffon: Lily Eggstar is back to blogging after a six-month hiatus. She has not lost her skills one tiny bit.
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