There will always be Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm


I swear there is a reason this blog title makes sense. You see, I am featuring a few items from faMESHed (pronounced fa-MESHED) which my mind always reads as Fame Shed. Personally, I think the organizers should just go with it and put a few hay bales out and maybe a cow. A nice chich cow, like a Guernsey or a Jersey. One of those cows with eyeliner and long lashes. Because one thing you will find at faMESHed is chic.

Still my mind hops from faMESHed to Fame Shed to Shed to Cold Comfort Farm and well, if you saw it, you know where my mind went next…


There’s some fun outfits at faMESHed, including an adorable top with shorts from coldLogic, but I like to mix things up just for fun, so I wore the top from coldLogic with these pants from BOOM. The top comes in four lovely sherbety colors. The BOOM Miami Linen pants come in twelve fabulous pastels that could be called sherbety since people make sherbet out of the darndest things nowadays.


Also from faMESHed, these gorgeous earrings and necklace from HANDVERK. There’s also a matching shorter and more petite pendant. These come in many color options too.


The hair is from Lelutka – an older men’s cut. The skin is from Glam Affair’s new Giselle line and is so gorgeous.  And now, to take you on that last step from faMESHed to the Starkadders:

tore info at Blogging Second Life

  • Poses: Reel Expressions
  • Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Light – 01 Red
  • Makeup Tattoos:
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Forest Morning
  • Lashes: Maitreya Mesh group gift
  • Mani/Pedi: Love Soul
  • Hair: Lelutka Seth
  • Clothing: coldLogic top sherbert faMESHed
  • BOOM Miami pants Margarita faMESHed
  • Shoes: Shiny Things Arcadas Acid
  • Jewelry: [HANDverk]Coral faMESHed
  • [HANDverk]Coral Medallion faMESHed
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