Glam, Glam, Glamorous


Did you know that glamorous used to be the word for magic spell, an enchantment. In time it began to be used to describe someone who was alluring through the use of makeup, hairstyling and fashion. The enchantment came from styling instead of magic, from Vogue instead of the Book of Spells. People in fashion and the arts started to use glam – short for glamourous – in the 60s and the word came into its own with Glam Rock – but glam is not quite a synonym for glamorous, there’s an element of the avant garde, of edginess, of pushing the envelope. The name Glam Affair tells you right up front that this design house is not about movie star glamour, but about rock star glam. The glam of the bold, the brave and the beautiful.


If this were a glamorous dress it would go to just above the knee in a tight pencil skirt and the wings would be smaller draped shoulders, but this is GLAM – so it’s short and there’s nothing restrained about the sleeves now. These are sleeves to be seen from the other side of an arena. These are sleeves that rock! Equally glam are the fabulous shoes from Mea Culpa which could easily be named Mea Culpa Glama – because everything produced by that house is edgy GLAM.


I though the pale lips of the Chloe skin from Blush paid loyal homage to the aesthetics of GLAM, as did the Office hairstyle from Lelutka. Seriously, this hair is so misnamed. It’s GLAM hair and I am trying to picture a GLAM office. The jewelry is from Kunglers.

  • Glam Affair – Mea Dress
  • MEA CULPA_=** Shoes Ballroom
  • ***Chaisuki*** lashes 52
  • (Kunglers Extra) Perola – Black & silver
  • [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
  • [LeLutka]-OFFICE hair – Rita
  • [BLUSH] Chloe Skin – Secrets
  • classic – forest morning (m) dark

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