Fashion Experts on the Loose

Gidge and I have been wearing our “expert” hats today over at the Second Life Forums. I hope you can take a peek and check out how the hats fit our heads. We each did a post in the Community Blogs. Following that link will bring you to a lot of blog posts from the many fashion experts chosen for this week – with many intriguing and informative articles.

Gidge has a post on tattoo makeups that is a must-read.

I did an article on how cropping can make a photo better.

Then there are the forums where folks have been hanging out discussing some of our favorite topics.  Fashion expert Harper Beresford kicked off a fun meme yesterday when she asked “How has your look changed over the years? ” and people began sharing their timelines of looks. It’s great fun, informative and well worth exploring. So pop over and visit.

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