Modavia Fashion Week 2011.06

Six runway shows that kept flowing and ended on time even with Linden Labs shutting down the grid and blocking sign ins for a bit. Now that’s organization.


Shai Delacroix’s release for Casa del Shai was a range of new skins in several shade and standard makeups as well as an abundance of tattoo makeup.


Shinichi Mathy’s fall collection featured muted greens, blues and creams and lovely, quiet floral prints. Be still my heart. Shiki also delivers a strong, sophisticated menswear suite in their collection.


Sartoria’s collection is excellent menswear with lots of layers


Gabriel released a fall collection of men and womenswear. The menswear is defined by quiet sophistication. The womenswear is bright, bold and multi-dimensional flowers.

Fir and MNA

Although it’s menswear, my favorite collection has to be the color-loving hipster clothing from Fir and MNA. With multiple layers of plaids, argyles, sweaters and jackets and pants, the collection would be fun. The shoes, though, are out of this world. I seriously fell in love with some men’s shoes today.

Anubis Style

Anubis Style’s collection was the most varied, from goth to film noir, from vintage to modern, there’s going to be something for everyone. My personal favorite was the peach jacket with the gray skirt.

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