My Post for Gidge's Weekly Word Challenge: Faith & Desire

Gidge's Word  Challenge

Gidge’s words for this challenge are Faith and Desire. I desire to take pictures for the blog. I have faith that one of the viewers will upgrade to something usable soon. You may have noticed I have not blogged since the forced update. I have tried. In the past week I have tried:

  • Kirsten’s (crashes during log-in)
  • Phoenix (turns my entire screen into chaos of colors)
  • Firestorm (my system clothes are solid black)
  • Singularity (System Clothes are solid black)
  • Catznip (system clothes are solid black)
  • SL Beta (see picture above)
  • SL 2.Hell (alphas disappear and my snap back shut before I can see what is in them)
I have cleared cache with the viewer and manually. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have rebaked, changed my baldy and restored every setting to default. I am unhappy, but I do have a picture for the challenge.  As to what I am wearing, I bet you don’t care if I give credits or not, do you? 

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  1. ohohna


    I wanted to comment because it sounds like she is having a very hard time right now with all of this viewers. Have you tried Dolphin v2? It’s pretty good and stable for me, and also quiet at times,. I hope Dolphin can be the answer to your problems, it was the answer to my own when all of the other v2 viewers started having issues. Good luck!

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