SL Weekly Words Challenge: Week One – Faith and Desire

When I first started blogging, a bajillion years ago, there was a guy I knew who ran a weekly blog event called The Weekly Words Challenge. I have no clue if he still does it, but  it was one of my favorite things because bloggers from all genres, mommy blogs, religious blogs, craft blogs, etc would all take part.

It worked like this. He’d issue a word or a short phrase and then, show you a picture that represented that word or phrase to him. It was simple. Sometimes they were old pictures, sometimes they were new. But it was exhilarating to see how powerful words were, and the disparity of the meanings people could attribute to them. A word of phrase that made you feel happy might make another feel dark and pensive.

I always loved it, so I’ve decided to start doing it here in SL for funz. If you have time or the inclination to participate, thats cool 🙂 I’d love it. Feel free to link back in the comments each week.

This week’s words are:


And a jump on next week if you are interested in playing along, next weeks words are:

Wants and Needs

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