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We all tend to be kind of possessive of our shapes. They are US after all. But sometimes, even when you’re an old wizened, shriveled up avatar (no not the one you think, I mean ME) it’s good to stretch your skin across a different look.

I’ve decided that like posers, shapers are the bastard children in the land of creators. No one credits them. Well, I do. But it’s because I’m a poser so I feel their pain.

I used to have a custom shape that I liked a lot, made by a friend who is a dilletante shape maker.  She did a good job. But then one day, a friend who is a real shape maker, Hybie, created a shape named after me that was styled after my look. But – tweaked. Smoothed. With an eye to proportion and beauty that a real artist has.

Kinda the difference between me writing you something, and Neil Gaiman writing you something. Mine might be heartfelt, but his could rend your heart.

So, LD Shapes is a relatively new Shaper on the scene and I gotta apologize I’ve had these two more than a month. If memory serves, Dulce is a subscribo gift. Might even still BE THERE!!!

The differences in the face are subtle, but so are the differences in human faces. Each girl is similar but Dulce seems like she’s got a curvier bottom and rounder features (which I like).

You can take a taxi to check out these and other shapes at LD Shapes if you think it might be time to freshen up your look.

Or take a good friend there that is hideous. You don’t have to tell her she’s hideous.  The rest of us will thank you.
Your Shopping List Today:
Adam n Eve Dany Pedicure Red
[ PXL ] Manicure – Pink #2 BlackFrench
Lingerie Baiastice_S_soft trasparent-yellow
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
:+:SS:+: Rainbow Anklet w Gold
>TRUTH< Diana – almond
}LD{ LD Shapes – Reyna and Dulce
-Belleza- Alyson pale group gift
[:T:] Sara eyebrow shaper 2
Eyes: POETIC COLOR classic – provence sky (m) bright

Poses – STATUS

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