Scarlett Always Dreamed of an Hourglass Waist


Ah! The hourglass waist! The fashionable ideal for centuries, it has never been more fully or literally achieved than in the Clessidra gown released by Squinternet Larnia, the genius behind Donna Flora. There are many joys in shopping at Donna Flora where dresses, suits and jewelry are created with such a range of style and imagination unrivaled in Second Life. Even among the exuberant cornucopia of offerings, Clessidra stands out as uniquely imaginative. With its whimsically eccentric styling, it seems to give a nod to Steampunk influences with its clockwork adornment and jewelry.

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Windlight Play , posted with vodpod

I had to rush over to the Spencer Art Museum and shoot this among the Flux of assembling and disassembling mechanical parts that occasionally gave me shove and a nudge. I could not resist trying out several Windlight settings after reading a blog post discouraging bloggers from using Windlight, insisting that facelights were preferable for shooting photos. Folks have every right to give advice – even bad advice. Yes, facelights are intrusive on other people’s enjoyment and experience. However, we can turn off attached lights and those annoying lights won’t render for us. There’s no need to get mad at facelight wearers, we can just ignore their lights. Anyway, if turning off Windlight and running around with a beacon makes people happy, it doesn’t harm me. Even lousy photo-shooting advice is harmless, but I do think it’s disagreeable and unnecessary to suggest that people using Windlight are ugly, take lousy photos and can’t get a date. I mean, if you’re going to write a long essay full of bad advice, at the very least you might try to be polite about it. Okay, my mini-rant is over. Here’s my response, shooting my avatar in a range of Windlight settings and feeling very happy with the results.

With the dress, I chose shoes from Shiny Things, choosing brown to coordinate with the hourglass wood framing.
The hair is the popular XFE275 style from Boon and the skin is my new favorite Kasumi from PXL Creations.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Reel Expressions
  • Skin: PXL Creations Kasumi
  • Eyes: Blue SkyLashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: Boon XFE275
  • Dress: Donna Flora Clessidra
  • Shoes: Shiny Things Delphine
  • Jewelry: Donna Flora Clessidra (set with dress)
  • Location: Spencer Art Museum

5 thoughts on “Scarlett Always Dreamed of an Hourglass Waist

  1. Elle Couerblanc

    For some settings in windlight I do use a face light but not all. I am also making the jump to Kirsten’s to see if i can get of the face light all together. But in terms of wearing them out and about, I never do that (unless its a mistake) and if I see an Face light offender who’s avatar lights up the side of a mountain on a sim, LOL I offer her the ones I made that are much more subtler. I am a face light nazi, I admit it ha. But also I enjoy the whole visual experience of SL and I hate turning off lighting when I visit sims just to avoid an annoying face light.

    Good read my friend and I am glad to see your pretty face again on the feeds. Hugs.

  2. galacaproni

    actually you don’t have to turn off lighting to turn of face lights … you just have to turn off “attached lighting” its under the Advanced menu – rendering – make sure to uncheck “attached lights”

  3. galacaproni

    The only reason i couldn’t get a date because of windlight is if i was sooooo busy going thru the massive quantities of settings to find the right one that i didn’t notice anyone else… haha

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