Guest Stylist: Squinternet Larnia

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I ran into Squinternet Larnia, Designer/Owner of Donna Flora, at PXL Creations the other day. She was wearing an amazing dress with stunning embroidery. In fact, she was so beautifully styled I immediately asked her to be a guest stylist for our blog and she graciously agreed. In this shoot, she is wearing that dress she was wearing the other day and on second sight – it’s as beautiful as ever. The Lorelei dress is a lovely form-fitting dress with lovely puff sleeves accented with a lovely beaded fringe.

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I asked her to come to Elonia for the shoot because I though the lovely blend of ice white and gold would make a beautiful setting. It looked even better than I thought it would. The surreal combination of an iced-over river and palms is stunning and the fantastic buildings gleam like jewels on the ground.
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Pretty much everything Squinternet is wearing is her own design, from the hair to the shoes. The lovely jewel-adorned shoes are in bronze and called ISA.

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The hair is called Magda and is also her creation. Here you can see a more detailed look at the bodice of the Lorelei dress which shows the beautifully hand-crafted tatting on the sleeves and the crewel work on the bodice.  The intricate accretion of decorative embellishment is so bold because it could so easily go over the top, yet in her sure hand it never does.

Squinternet Larnia_011.jpg

She’s wearing the gorgeous Jejeune skin from Tres Blah – a perfect complement to the dress not just in coloring, but also in aesthetic and mood. The skin and the clothing have an old world hand-crafted sensibility that sets them apart and makes them ideal for each other.

NOTE:  I added a layer using Texure 04 from Distressed Textures “Treasured Textures” with the blend mode on Soft Light. Then duplicating that layer, I set to normal at 50% and with the eraser set to 300 and feathered, I erased the top layer over the avatar.  There’s no editing of the actual photo. Just the two layers added for depth and to created the aged look.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: BeScene
  • Skin: tres blah- -tb- {Pale} Jejune Adored
  • Eyes: Donna Flora eyes light grey
  • Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N10
  • Hair: Donna Flora-MAGDA hair mocha
  • Dress: LORELEI Donna Flora
  • Shoes: Donna Flora- ISA shoes in bronze
  • Jewelry: Donna Flora – ROMANCE coral earrings v2 ; Donna Flora – ROMANCE coral rings; P.C; Silver Bead Necklace
  • Location: Elonia

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