Community Spirit: Sasy Scarborough

A second person who deserves recognition for multiple contributions to the community is Sasy Scarborough. Sasy is a friend, though we are not inner circle – hang around together all the time friends. Nonetheless, we are good enough friends that she can kick my ass when I am wrong about something and I can go to her for advice. That’s not why I am highlighting her though – that’s personal and my focus in this challenge is to highlight those who contribution to the community. Sasy is an obvious choice.

Her blog is full of tips and advice and lots of tutorials – even video tutorials. Yay! She also models a positive way of blogging about fashion that is enthusiastic, honest and kind.  She involves herself in community events – volunteering uncounted hours for fundraisers. Organizing huge events like hair and skin expos and the like is not only daunting, it requires an almost superhuman ability to let criticism roll off your back. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone – so criticism is part of the job – and yet, she keeps volunteering.

She makes things happen. One recent example, I suggested there should be a vaudeville/burlesque party to celebrate the Designers United Vaudeville event. It was one of those “wish someone else would do this” ideas, but Sasy made it happen and kicked me in the pants to do it, so to speak. A very soft, gentle kick. She also redecorated the venue, along with her friends,  and made it into a huge production – something that was just so fun and successful. She’s one of the Do-ers of Life.

4 thoughts on “Community Spirit: Sasy Scarborough

  1. chalice1

    So nice to read these positive posts. Sassy sure is a mover and shaker in the best possible way :-))

  2. AlessK

    Sasy is indeed a unique, dedicated and caring person. It’s good to see the positives in life and her way of doing things showcases that.

  3. Sasy Scarborough

    wow thank you , I lost internet for five days and I have returned this ♥ you are an incredible women Cajsa , thank you for making my otherwise overwhelming return one filled with Joy.


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