Community Spirit: Stacie Pryor

Let me teasingly introduce this challenge by saying that unlike some people I know, when I offer a challenge, I do it myself! The first person I would like to highlight as a true asset to the community is Stacie Pryor. I really don’t know Stacie well, We are acquaintances more than friends. However, from observing her calm, quiet and sensible manner in her blog and on plurk, she was the person I turned to when illness reduce the amount of time I could spend on Second Life and I needed someone I could trust to take over the SLURLS Directory I had started.

At the time, Gidge was on bed rest with her pregnancy and I did not want to ask her because she would have said yes – and should have said no. I wanted to ask someone who I know would not drop it after a month or two because it’s boring or a pain in the neck. Someone whose reputation was so unblemished no one would ever entertain thoughts of it being maintained with any favoritism or any negligence. Someone trustworthy, respected and responsible. There were actually a lot of people whom I thought had those qualities, but Stacie had one more. Approachability – she projects such a friendly, open humanity and warmth in her photos and her blog posts that I thought she would be perfect.

And, being the sort of person she is, she said yes and willingly stepped up to do the mostly thankless, quiet behind the scenes work of maintaining a useful resource for the community. She doesn’t seek gratitude or SLebrity. She just does her thing beautifully and with grace and makes us a better community for it.

6 thoughts on “Community Spirit: Stacie Pryor

  1. Gidge

    It’s a statement of how valid these words are that when you told me Stacie was picking it up, I didn’t even think “Waaaaah why didn’t you ask me?” I thought “Oh wow, she’s a good person for it.”

    So true.

  2. sasyscarborough

    agrees, and I think that every time I see her pics, they are like glimpsing into her life which she invites you to do so warmly.


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