Community Spirit:Winter Jefferson

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is a rare breed of person that you meet out in the world, whatever world you live in, who sees the world through better eyes than you do. It’s not that they are more intelligent, or more holy, or even more able than you – it’s one simple difference.

They look – and they see possibility. They see a child who could learn to ride a bike, even if it means falling off it a few times. They see a creator who could expand their horizons to new places that they never thought they could go, and encourages them warmly to do just that.

They see the fusion of art and fashion, and how complimentary the two can be – and inspire others to see the same. 

They see the goodness in all people – even the ones you and I might think are total assholes.

They believe in you, and believe you can do anything. Their belief is pure, and their desire for your success is so much like that parent helping their child to learn to ride the bike. And just because you are a blonde blogger who holds fast to her Barbie heritage…..he opens the door to other worlds of beauty and knows you will see it too.

I am speaking of course, of Winter Jefferson.

Many people know him, even people who don’t know him, know of him. But what you might never see is the heart that beats inside that undead body, believing in you, wishing you the best and truly seeing the good qualities in everyone.

I attended the Rezzable Show THE FUTURE IS NOW in support only of my friend, I’m such a brat, I had proclaimed all fashion shows lame and retarded – knowing full well that this is one of his passions (so this is jerkish of me and I should stop). When the Fallen Gods skins came out, I was nearly speechless and felt like I hadn’t seen skins before ever.

Winter knew I’d see it that way. He had faith that I wasn’t only a Barbie Girl living in a Barbie world.  He changed my vision and I see differently because of it. 

He is an example to us all of how to live within a community and be positive and loving toward all. Very few people are all bad or all good. But sometimes I need Winter to remind me.

Thank you Winter, for not only being my friend, but for being who you are. The world would be a far dimmer place without you.

The skins are from BIOLOGIC – Fallen Gods – Pacific Spores and were featured in THE FUTURE IS NOW Fashion show, where I fell in love with them.

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  1. December

    You are totally right. Winter is such an amazing, caring, genuine, kindhearted person. He has been my friend for over 2 years now and every moment I have been blessed with his wit, his charm, and his kindness, I have been eternally grateful. He sees beauty and potential in what others might perceive as too strange or “out-there” and has a way of sharing that perception with all of us lucky enough to be his friends (and even just acquaintances). Thank you for this blog, and thank you, Winter, for being you <3

  2. Sophia Harlow

    Winter is all you said and so much more. He is a wonderful…wonderful human being with the most genuine heart. <3

    Much love to you, Winter…and thank you for always being a friend.


  3. Ivey Deschanel

    I’m a little bit of a fan…yeps. One of the best people I ever knew. Proud to call Winter my friend.

  4. Malkavyn Eldritch

    Winter has been there for many of us when we really needed it. He’s a true friend and it’s really fun to see some of the shit he gets into 😀

    Thinking outside of the box just means there is no box to him and I love to see him try on things in ways people wouldn’t imagine to try.

    Whether he is dressed up as a 1L predator, a fashion model, or just some random lady he’s a great guy with a warm heart. SL wouldn’t be the same without him.

    Thanks for this blog post 🙂

  5. chalice1

    What a lovely thing to do for a friend. I’ve heard of Winter but don’t know him. Sounds like ppl who do are lucky. Thanks for sharing such inspiring thoughts with us.

  6. Dove Swanson

    Every word spot on for our gentleman vampire! I get onto him sometimes for being so wide open to everyone, for allowing people so many chances to hurt him. But the truth is I sometimes wish I could be so forgiving, accepting, trusting, and funnily enough, warmer… like him. He is such a gooder. <3

  7. elusyve

    I echo the sentiments already written, as well as your own beautiful tribute. Winter is unlike anyone else I have met in SL. He approaches all with an open heart and an open mind. He has the ability to make everyone he interacts with feel special. He has inspired me in so many ways to be a better person, encouraging me to reach out to others, while knowing I tend to withdraw.
    I too, am a far better person in being blessed with the ability to call Winter my friend.

  8. Winter Jefferson

    It took me around 18 hours before I could come up with an adequate response.

    And I still haven’t, really.

    But thank you. And the people in the comments, also – thank you. And… damnit, I don’t like being speechless – when you take away my words, I have nothing. NOTHING!

    But everyone involved in this, know that I’m so glad you are in my life. And I’m looking forward to meeting you Chalice.

    And yes Gidge, you do look amazing in that skin, I knew you would! You still owe me a B@R road trip though.

    Imma be over there in the corner, pretending I’m not like… touched or moved or anything…

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