Worth a Second Glance

That earthquake you felt on the grid yesterday was the re-opening of Tableau and with it the release of the newest collection from Paper Couture. This brings us to the perennial discussion about over-blogging and everyone blogging the Same Damn Thing. Of course, we settled that last year with the grand Same Damn Thing challenge, but the question still crops up. My view is that we never blog the Same Damn Thing because we all choose different accessories, shoes and hair. We look differently. We shoot different photographs. We have different readerships. And that brings us back to Paper Couture because if anything is worth a second, third or fourth glance – it’s the wonderful creations they produce – including this lovely suit called, appropriately enough, Second Glance.

First glance: I am wearing a black and white pinstripe suit with a peplum jacket and pencil skirt. Second Glance: The skirt has a surprise of embroidered vines gracing the side. The jacket has a ruffled edge and swoops down much too low for the office.  Now there is a luscious sheer blouse with embroidred vines trailing all over, but it simply refused to rez – no matter what I did and I decided that was kismet since it looks fine with out it – though risque.  The shoes are from Lelutka, by the way,  the new Saffron pumps that nod in the direction of the ridiculous McQueen heel heights without jumping off the cliff into Uglyland.

The jewelry is also from Paper Couture – the Onyx Gemstone set and quite ornate. Too ornate for the first glance at this suit, but perfect for the second glance.  It was a delight how well the hat and hair combination from [OH] at Designes United suited this suit.

And this is one of the less vaudevillean options in the Tres Blah Hiccup skin for Designers United. Trilogy, where I shot this, does not allow rezzing a pose pad, so I pulled out the newest hud from Behavior Body. Anto has kindly sent me all his new releases – even the male hud which cracked me up when I wore it. Guys, you will look mannish!! I am using the New Model Hud 1 and have to gush a bit – it seems to be made for wearing with prim skirts. The poses bring the arms right out where you need them. Now these are runway animations – so there’s a cute little transition before it settles into position for photos, but to have a dozen poses organized to keep your hands out of your skirt is a major win. And for runway models wearing those big skirts – priceless!!  Now I just have to send him a note that some of the button names are in French.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Behavior body New Model Pose Hud 1 R
  • Skin: Tres Blah Light Drama
  • Eyes: PXL Creations Glow Yellow Green R
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: [OH] Stage Props 2
  • Suit: Paper Couture Second Glance Dress Suit
  • Stockings: No. 9 Vintage Black
  • Shoes: Lelutka Saffron Black
  • Jewelry: Paper Couture Onyx Gemstone Set

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