The Way I Feel About You -It Just Can't Be Wrong!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m so fortunate that my best friend has exquisite taste and style. What that means is that I never get drug along on shopping trips where I go “Ummm, DO NOT WANT/KTHANXBY.”   Instead of going “Oooooh, Oh DO WANT! DO WANT!”

Both Modern Gypsy and Exile are places like that for me. I wouldn’t have wandered in without Cajsa and now I’m addicted to their goodness.  This short casual dress is called Desertmoon but at first I thought it said “dessert moon” and it put me in mind of  dessert cafes of my 20s.

I’m still as addicted to flats in RL as I was then and I’m so glad that they are back with style and aplomb. I’m wearing the flats from FLAIR by the always stylish Sasy Scarborough.  They’re a perfect compliment to the kicky charm of this dress.

I’m wearing hose by Toshy and if you haven’t been over there to check out the great pantyhose (yes real pantyhose) in fun patterns – you gotta see what they have.

Hat Hair! But - Its a Good Thing - by EXILE

Hat Hair! But - It's a Good Thing - by EXILE

I also have a confession – I’ve never bought a HAT-HAIR before this one, always sort of thinking them, ahem, goofy. But it wasn’t until I ran into Exile that I saw this style and was really taken. It’s got an optional band and veil which is color change. So it comes with a lot of versatility in one style.

And, sometimes a girl needs to wear hats!

Fashion Details

  • **Bold R Indicates Review Item***
  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – PXL Creations – Grace – Fair – Spring Wine (preview) R
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Exile – Maureen – Rekka
  • Dress – Modern Gypsy – Desert Moon
  • Hose – Toshy – Black Seam Hose
  • Shoes – FLAIR – Ballet Flats in Purple and Black R

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