Swear To Shake It Up, If You Swear To Listen

posted by Gidge Uriza

There will be bonus points awarded to any one who can tell me what that song in the title is!

So I’m not a T-Shirt Person. At all. Hell, I can  make a T-shirt so I rarely pay them any mind in world at all, except for maybe my PRIM WHORE t-shirt which seems all too fitting if you know me. But when someone whose work you know is GOOD make s T-shirts you know that there is going to be something a little different, that sets them apart and makes the more interesting.

How about a badass graphic?

The Woman as Weapon - Excellent Imagery

The Woman as Weapon - Excellent Imagery

Schrottvogel, Cajsa’s dear friend, dropped some items on me to check out and for the first time in quite a while I got as excited about the T-Shirts as I did by anything else in the folder.

This one says, Make Whores not War – which I am exactly post-feminist enough to dig mightily.

The Store Is Called VOGEL

The Store Is Called VOGEL

Vogel also makes swimwear and surfer gear, which you will be seeing more of from me as now I have to go surfing cuz I have these badass rashguards. 

I can’t believe I’m digging someone’s Tee’s this much, but his are really fun.

Sit Tight Im Gonna Need You To Keep Time...Come on Just Tap Tap Tap Your Toe to the Beat

Sit Tight I'm Gonna Need You To Keep Time...Come on Just Tap Tap Tap Your Toe to the Beat

Go check out VOGEL. It’ll be an excuse to go buy new jeans when you find some excellent T-shirt to buy.  See how well that works out?
All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio
Fashion Details
Promtional Items indicated with an R
  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Aleri Darkes – VIRGO – Fair- Day – Class R
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Noelle – Sunshine Blonde
  • Tee – VOGEL – Make Whores not War R
  • Jean – Chic Boutique – Tribal Beaded Jeans
  • Shoes- Digit Darkes Messina Heels Paisley Black R
  • Earrings – Bliensen + MaiTai – Bottle Top Earrings – R
  • Nails – Love Soul Dark Purple

7 thoughts on “Swear To Shake It Up, If You Swear To Listen

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    Well, I know I wore a swimsuit that offended Gidge on this blog. I struggle with the concept of post-feminism myself. Post-feminism would be a lot easier to accept if we were post-sexist.

    However, I do like the concept of reclaiming the words used to marginalize and stigmatize women. Maybe not all of them, I can’t see myself using the c-word any time soon.

  2. Gidge Uriza Post author

    I use the C Word for grins as it suits me.
    And, I wasn’t offended by the swimsuit.
    I was offended by Chez Guevarra. 🙂
    Funny – they’re both Vogel.

    Looks like he challenges us in many ways……

    I dig that. Even if I don’t like Chez Guevarra.

  3. Gidge Uriza Post author

    Post feminism really just means I can be a bdsm slave or a barbie doll or a corporate exec – that none of these things mean I’m less of a feminist or outside of my rights as a female.
    It does away with those concepts that “we have to be like men” (career minded,serious,lessplayful) to be equal.

    Screw that. Why on earth would I ever want to be like a man?

  4. Schrottvogel Wei

    I like this kind of way you talk about it. It shows me that the effect i tried to cause did happen. It should provoke and spotlight on the person that wear it. Its the same with the CHE-clothes. Its degrading a so called “IDOL” to a trademark. I could place the pope or Einstein on the clothes but CHE is the most trademarked IDOL i know.

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