No Pixels Were Harmed in the…

One of my favorite groups is the Swedish group Hedningarna and one of my favorite songs of theirs is Räven.  You can hear a clip here.  I thought if it as soon as I put on the wonderfully luxuorious red fox jacket from bijou as the name translates to Fox Woman.  The song is quite ferocious,  so I left off the lower half of the fur coat, making it a jacket to wear with leather pants – much fiercer that way, I thought.

Incidentally, this texture is also in the free texture pack I mentioned in the previous post.

The black leather catwalk pants from Adam n Eve are my go-to pants when I want leather.  I have other black leather pants, but these just are more satisfying. I mean, look at how these pants caress the rear. These are pants that look wonderful from the back!

Wild and sly you hunt in time of darkness
long sleeves hide your tearing claws
with your prey you play, forever lustful,
mouth in blood, feel no remorse.

Rise now lust and rave desire
rush on upwards, sap in birchstem
Rise without a word of witch craft
rush without a rune of making!

I wore Bax Coen’s Patent leather boots, the sexiest ankle boots in Second Life ®. Now, as Christian Siriano would say, “That is fierce.” and are you counting the hours until the Project Runway finale tomorrow?

Wicked and wild, your beauty me bewitches
skirt hem barely hides your tail.
Luring, leading deep into the woodlands
madly dancing in the swale.

The makeup is Gourmade from blowpop in caramel and the hairstyle is Swing from Tami McCoy – a sleek, but fierce hair style with a lot of panache.  Now I have posted a translation of the lyrics I found on the web, I am not sure how perfectly it was translated, but I hope you get the idea.

At the moment when you throw your garments
and I see your naked frame
baring teeth you burst into a laughter
bites of love turn me aflame…

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: blowpop Merllie 3 Caramel the gourmade
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes:  Cyber Netic
  • Hair: Tami McCoy Swing
  • Jacket: bijou Grandene (Red Fox Jacket)
  • Pants Adam N EVe Catwalk Leather Pants Black
  • Boots: Bax Coen Black Patent Ankle Boots

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